The Foyer

Everything you ever needed to know about Cullinan. A lovely lounge are to sit and browse through information pamphlets, artefacts, brochures about Cullinan and surroundings and more “The Foyer”

The Shed

The most interesting place to visit when in and around Cullinan. From humble beginnings to glory days. The people involved in this initiative, mostly all natively Cullinans, are proud to present a host of never experience before projects, tours, displays, etc.

See how The Shed got transformed from Workshop to Museum in 3 months: more “The Shed”


Actively involved in New Venture Creation in and around Cullinan, CTH is at present busy with a number of stimulating ventures to make this an evenmore intereting desination for tourism  more “Ventures”

In and Around Cullinan

Cullinan Tourism & History strives to bring the symphony of worthwhile visits in and around Cullinan together into day visits and tours through the village and also to the interesting places in the area. Combining museum visits, game drives, mine tours and a whole lot more, we promise you a very interesting visit to Cullinan.

The mine …

The quaint town of Cullinan 

The Premier Game Park …

Windy Brow Game Reserve …

The Shed and it’s content …

and much much more!