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Providing the most holistic & interactive information Website of Cullinan & Surrounding Areas and stimulating participation of local business, Easyfind contributes greatly to the upliftment of the area and local community.

CTH obtained exclusive rights to conduct tours to the De Beers Premier Game Park years ago and combining these Game Drives with the history of Cullinan became a very attractive package for Corporations and Tourists alike.

The owners of Windy Brow Game Reserve is passionately involved in Cullinan and surroundings and support initiatives to stimulate tourism to this area. CTH thus offers Hikes, Horseback Rides and Game Drives to this beautiful destination, as part of the inclusive packages introducing Cullinan and surrounds.

In an exciting joint venture, CTH and Loopspruit Wineries (just outside Cullinan), is developing a Centenery Wine Collection with the Premier Cullinan Diamonds in the range.