Underground Mine Tour

You arrive and are welcomed at CTH with light refreshments.  Tourists are kitted out in our changerooms with PPE (personal protective equipment) and then listen to a safety talk.  From there the tourist gets onto the CTH Trem and goes down lower Oak avenue, through the boom gates (Mine Security) to the entrance of the mine.  They disembark the Trem and enter the security area of the mine (through the same entrance that the Mine employees enter every morning – a rare priviledge).  Gourps proceed to the Lamp Room and enroute they pass the Salvage Yard, the Hoist Room and the Haulage Shaft.  At the Lamp Room, they watch a DVD on self rescue training (Sizamoya).  Then they’re issued with cap lamps and a Sizamoya self rescue pack.  From there they walk to the bank where the cage collects the group and the cage takes them down to level 763.  At 763 waiting bay the guide briefs the group and then they go to one of the 763 workshops and admin offices to experience operations.  Then to the Granby (loco) workshop where they see how the Granby’s are repaired.  The tour also goes to the refuge bay, to the ore passes and watch the Granby’s being filled (on production days).  Finally the group stops to watch the tipping process and then return.  Haulage

Cost:       R440 pp
Duration:  4 and half hours

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