Actively involved in New Venture Creation in and around Cullinan, CTH is at present busy with a number of stimulating ventures to make this an evenmore intereting desination for tourism 

Premier Game Park developments …

Loopspruit Winery developments …

The Rock Shop and it’s links to skills development and skills development projects … read more about Siyasizana Development, Imfundiso Skills Development and many more …

Township initiatives … We also promote Zaluka Zulu Village and Cultural Tours. Follow the “Tours” link above for more information.

CTH not only focuses on Tourism and History, but also gets involved in the Arts, Crafts and Ventures with local artist, craftsmen and businessmen.  The Arts and Crafts initiatives aims to not only display and sell the product but also to SHOW and TELL – how they craft and manufacture … which CTH believe will create a better understanding of the art and be of more interest to the tourist.  Experience has shown that involving people in the process on a practical and emotive level, letting them SEE the effort and how gifted and skilled the craftsmen really are, ensures more satisfaction on the buyer and sellers’ side.  All the craftsmen and artists are native from Cullinan, Refilwe and surroundings.

Related projects like the Rockshop and Loopspruit Wine exhibits were started to attract more feet to THE SHED and also because these are relevant “topics” when visiting Cullinan.  The geology and mining activities in Cullinan stimulated such a interest in related subjects that we felt to enhance the visitors’ experience with mineralogy and the related hobby.  Loopspuit Wines were a natural flow of involving the businesses closeby.  A Centenery Wine collection with the Top Cullinan diamonds, also made the exhibit a natural choice.

As projects get off the ground we will bring you more on the developments at Premier Game Park and Loopspruit.

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